Day 38: The Day When Frequent Naps Kicked In

Overnight we seemed to have found a new position that will work for now. I only woke up once to twice throughout the night with number hands. I’m not sure if this was due to all of the trouble we went through last night or if it was truly finding a comfortable position.

I woke up dazed and confused once. Hard to explain but suffice it to say that I was confused with how to go to the restroom. 

As a layer onto yesterday, I added in both using my laptop and going for a second walk today. 

Using my laptop was less of a challenge than going for a second walk was. Over the past several weeks I have become used to only using my wrists to type. Sounds odd but try only moving your wrists to type for a period of time. You’ll see what I mean. Either that or I have just been typing like a crazy person.

Being able to use my laptop again means that I can publish longer updates again. The updates since the day of brain surgery have all been from my phone, hence why they have been shorter.

Adding in a second walk was significantly harder. I’m having issues with my balance, especially when going upstairs. I have to take them much slower than I have before. 

Along the walks I am also having trouble walking at times. Shaky legs. Loss of balance. Sudden changes in my gate. 

I was able to sit up for the entire day again today. That was another win. It is actually easier to sit up during the days now…more so than when I only had to deal with my shoulders. 

With all three surgeries done now, it makes it much harder to lay in bed. I can only move my upper body slightly in either direction thus making it hard to do anything.

Though it was hot (and we don’t have air conditioning), I would mark today as being the day when the frequent naps that I had been warned about started kicking in. 

Several people who have either gone through brain surgery themselves or have taken care of someone that has gone through it warned me about this.

I would be sitting straight up in the living room, finding myself dosing off for between a few minutes to an hour or more. This progressed through the morning slightly but kicked in full gear this afternoon once Laura stopped home to help me use the restroom.

As the evening has set in I am fully back awake now. I feel strong but still have some lingering feeling of sleepiness. The second walk about an hour ago helped to wake me up, even though caused the issues that I mentioned above.

We are staying focused on making progress on ANY front. One step, one day and one challenge at a time. Whether that is using my laptop, layering in a second walk, sitting up for an entire day…it doesn’t matter to us as long as it continues to be progress.