Day 379: Flying Back to SFO and Giving a Bold Talk

This morning was our final morning to sleep in before we get back to the regular grind tomorrow morning. 

Though I am looking forward to sleeping in our king size bed tonight, it has been nice sleeping in a double size bed without an alarm clock for most of the week. If only I could get the king size bed and no alarm. 

We spent the morning hanging out with our family, including playing my niece, and packing for the trip down to JFK. 

While we took one car to the airport with my in-laws, Laura’s sister, our brother-in-law and our niece took another car back to Manhattan where they live. We hit traffic on our way to JFK but still made it down to NYC in 3 hours, including a quick stop.  

As I’m typing we are now over Canada somewhere since we had to go up north to avoid a storm system that is going to cause a slight delay getting into SFO tonight.  

We’re not scheduled to land until around 10p PT tonight, which will feel like 1a for us after getting used to the time change, hence why I’m typing this update earlier than usual. We still then have a 45 minute trip back home before we can finally crash. 

I’m looking forward to getting back into my routine, especially eating healthy and working out again tomorrow. I’m also super excited to get tackled by Sasha and see Darren. 

Though it’s not listed on their website yet, I’m happy to announce that I will be giving a Bold talk at the Inbound conference this year.  

The title of my session is: "Built Unstoppable: What I Learned About Life from Seizures, Shattered Shoulders and Brain Surgery”. I will speaking on September 11th, the one-year anniversary of my brain surgery. 

If anyone wants to attend, HubSpot has given me a 25% off code that you can use - just register with the code JULE2015.

Many of my friends are already scheduled to speak and/or attend but I am hoping to see a few more familiar faces while I’m there.

It’ll be a quick trip for me since I will be flying in from speaking at Content Marketing World and then turning around quickly to get back home.