Day 378: A Visit to Massachusetts, a BBQ and S'mores

We woke up early this morning to head up to see my grandparents since my grandfather was still in the hospital.

When we were close to the hospital we called my grandparents to let them know that we were on our way. It made me really happy to hear the surprise in their voices. 

We spent a bit of time with them and my grandmother told us that she knew it would really lift my grandfather’s spirits because he was upset that the medical issues were preventing them from coming down for the BBQ. 

By the time we got back to CT the BBQ was well underway. We had around 20 people over including the priests that married us and one of my best friends. 

It was a perfect afternoon for a BBQ. We enjoyed lots of laughter, burgers, hot dogs, salads galore, bocci ball, music and great conversations. 

As the day turned to night most people left but for those that were still here, we lit the fire pit and gathered around for a night of s’mores, conversation and music. 

I only get to see my close buddy a couple times per year - typically at Thanksgiving and then when he flies out to spend time with us so it’s great whenever we get a chance to hang out. 

Tomorrow we are planning on spending time around here before going down to NYC to drop my family off and then head to the airport. It’s great that our flight isn’t until the evening but we still get into SFO around 9:45p. 

We will still have the long drive back down to our apartment so it’ll be a late but it’s much better than getting deep into the night. 

While it’s not quite over yet, it has been a wonderful week here with our family filled with new memories and a lot of fun.