Day 377: Scorching My Upper Body

In the middle of the night I could hear the rain starting to come down so it was a good idea that we decided against going back down to Watch Hill today.

After having breakfast I went to the gym with my father-in-law. Since I am trying to lay off of my right ankle and shin, I decided that I would only focus on my upper body.  

I started out the workout by trying the pushups/push-downs ladder that I did 10 days ago that left me really sore for a few days: 

25 pushups x 1 tricep push-down
24 pushups x 2 tricep push-downs
23 pushups x 3 tricep push-downs

…and continuing until you get to 1 pushup x 25 tricep push-downs

Last time I could only get through the 19 pushups round with an additional 8 pushups before my chest finally gave out and that was with breaking up the rounds. 

This time I was able to complete an additional pushup to a total of 9 pushups for the final round. 

In total I was able to complete 163 pushups and 36 tricep push-downs. The first 10 tricep push-downs were with 100 lbs while the next 26 push-downs I completed with 80 lbs per rep. 

Though my chest had completely given out, I didn’t want to end my workout, especially with having a full gym at my disposal.  

The heaviest kettlebell that they had was 20 lbs so I grabbed that and performed 2 sets of 15 swings. 

After helping to teach my father-in-law how to perform kettlebell swings, he told me that there were heavy ropes that others use for battle ropes. 

I haven’t performed battle ropes in over a year since before my shoulder injuries so we set up the rope, I taught my father-in-law how to do them with proper form and then I rattled off 4 sets of 15-20 seconds until I could barely move my arms. 

It scorched my forearms, biceps and shoulders along with my chest and triceps already barely functioning after the first part of my workout. 

I was really happy with today’s workout because I was able to do a couple additional exercises that I can’t do at home without getting a full gym membership. 

My other sister-in-law and her boyfriend came over the house and then my brother-in-law (Emma’s dad) came into town later in the day. 

We spent the rest of the day hanging out at the house playing with my niece and just enjoying spending time together. 

I ended up getting a call from my grandmother to let me know that my grandfather was brought to the hospital after his heart went back into afib for the third time yesterday.  

It’s nothing fatal but it now means that they won’t be able to come for the BBQ tomorrow since he needs to stay in the hospital for a couple of days while they monitor how he responds to a medication they want to test for him to take at home. 

When the weather finally broke late afternoon a few of us went outside to play a round of bocce ball. I wanted to dust off my skills before tomorrow’s BBQ. 

After dinner we helped to prep food for tomorrow and spent time just hanging out with everyone that was still at the house. 

Tomorrow morning Laura and I are going to shoot up to Massachusetts to see my grandparents but aren’t planning on telling them until we’re already close to where they live since they would tell us not to bother.  

But, I don’t want to be 1.5 hours away from them with him in the hospital and not go see him when we live all the way in California.