Day 376: A Foggy, Misty Maine Day

We slept in the same room with my sister-in-law and my niece last night so when my niece woke up at 5:00a, so did we. Being far too nice, my sister-in-law brought Emma downstairs while we slept for another couple of hours.

Whereas yesterday was picture perfect weather due to the cloudless skies and hot weather, today was a picture perfect Maine day characterized by being fogged in, misty and a nice breeze. 

We had originally planned on going to the beach today but since it was so fogged in we opted to walk around town. 

We walked the Marginal Way twice, once on our way to breakfast and another time before hitting the road to come back home. 

It was great exercise and also helped to put my niece to sleep during her naps.  

There was an art show going on along the streets in town so we walked through there for a bit. There was a combination of different art forms on display from watercolor to photography to caricatures.  

After enjoying a really fun two days in Ogunquit we got on the road for the trip back to Connecticut. 

Since we were getting in later tonight we decided to stop for Thai takeout so that no one had to worry about cooking. 

We were planning on heading back down to Watch Hill tomorrow along with a couple additional family members but the weather isn’t too promising with a 50% chance of thunderstorms so we canceled that plan.  

We’re not sure what we’re going to do yet but it will still be a fun day with everyone, as every day this week has been so far. 

Several times during the week we have talked about the past year of recovery, especially the initial seven weeks that my mother-in-law spent living with us. 

It has been a long road thus far and not one that we could have accomplished and keep pushing through without our family, friends, colleagues and everyone around us.