Day 373: Another Perfect Day on the Water

When I went to crawl into bed last night, my in-laws’ cat was laying on my side of the bed. I laid on the bed for a minute and petted him while Laura was getting ready for bed. Then, after Laura crawled into bed, he wouldn’t get up. 

Apparently, that is one of his favorite spots during the summer so he wasn’t too thrilled that we were sleeping in that room.  

Not one to disturb a comfortable animal, I crawled in the middle between Laura and the cat to fall asleep. Mind you, this is in a double bed which I already don’t fit in.  

He eventually moved at some point in the night but it made for a funny story in the morning since it is not like his normal behavior at all. 

We headed down to Stonington, CT today, which is roughly a 2 hour drive from my in-laws’ home, to launch the boat.  

We played on the water and whipped the raft around near the channel for a while then we headed over to Watch Hill, RI. It is one of the quintessential New England areas and a must-visit if you’re ever in the Northeast. 

It has a bustling tourist downtown area filled with shopping, delis, ice cream, bicycles and incredibly beautiful homes along the water. 

We anchored the boat close to shore and just had a relaxing afternoon on the boat. We walked into town for lunch and then ate it on the boat followed by using the raft as a float to just lay on and enjoy the hot sun beating down.  

After hanging out on the boat all day we headed back and went to dinner at a marina restaurant that my in-laws had found the last time they were down there.  

It was an amazing dinner with a beautiful sunset over the marina. We followed dinner up with ice cream as we walked the pier for a bit before getting settled for the drive back to their home. 

It was another perfect day of being back home with family.