Day 372: A Beautiful Day on the Boat

While we were winding down last night, a thunderstorm started with streaks of lightning and booming thunder. In the 4.5 years of living in the Bay Area we have had less than 5 thunderstorms so that was a nice surprise. 

It is one of the things that I never thought I would miss from the Northeast because we didn’t know there wouldn’t be thunderstorms in the Bay Area.

It was wonderful to crawl into bed watching the thunderstorm, hearing the rain coming down and listening to the crickets outside. It’s a stark contrast to the traffic racing up and down the expressway outside of our home. 

I fell asleep before Laura even finished brushing her teeth last night. I ended up sleeping a total of 10 hours with 6 hours of deep sleep.  

After such a long two days including our overnight flight, it felt great to get a long, solid night of sleep. 

Once we finished having breakfast we headed down to Candlewood Lake, a lake around 1.5 hours from my in-laws’ home, where they had taken their new boat to last weekend for the first time. 

We opted to take a beautiful drive through small towns and the countryside instead of the busy highways. It was through sections of Connecticut that I have never been through before, despite living here for 10+ years. 

It was a perfect day to be out on the water. It was hot and it wasn't too busy on the lake. 

It was my first time getting to drive their new boat and I had a lot of fun ripping across the water with it. 

We also set up a raft that they had recently picked up and took that out for the first time. Though I have been tubing before, I had never laid flat on my stomach on a raft before and been pulled. 

They got the boat up to 25 mph and I was able to hold on, never losing my grip. 

I was really happy with how my shoulders held up. Though my orthopedic surgeon said that I won’t do any damage to them, I am still always weary of trying new things that will put a lot of stress on them. 

After spending 4.5 or so hours on the water, we pulled the boat out, headed back to their house and had a relaxing evening. 

Tomorrow we’re heading down to Watch Hill, Rhode Island, for a beach day. We’re bringing the boat with us since, apparently, we can launch the boat and then drive over to Watch Hill as opposed to driving all the way there. 

It will be fun getting back out on the water and then hanging out on the beach for the day.