Day 371: A Rough Night for Sleep

After publishing my update last night I closed my laptop and tried to get comfortable however, we were in the bulkhead exit row seats which meant that there was no room to extend my legs and the seats don’t recline. 

Unfortunately we didn’t have any other options without upgrading which would have cost us the cost of both of our tickets just for a single upgrade. 

It was one of those nights where I tried sleeping with my head resting on my hand. I would wake up every time my head fell off of my arm or my arm slipped off of the armrest.  

I would guesstimate that I slept around 2-3 total hours of very broken sleep. 

We arrived in NYC around 5:30a ET which was 2:30a PT for our bodies, were able to grab our bags quickly and find Laura’s parents who had come down to pick us up. The drive back to CT took around 2.5 hours but went by pretty fast since we were catching up with my in-laws. 

My father-in-law and I went to the gym to workout before the extreme sleepiness set in. The pain in my ankle/shin area started nearly immediately so I wasn’t able to do as much as I had hoped. Also, my body was exhausted from the flight thus making it even harder. 

However, even with that said, I was able to complete the following: 

  • 2:30 minutes - jump rope
  • 25 24” box jumps
  • 4 strict pull-ups (with no resistance band)
  • 3 sets x 6-8 reps hammer curls (30-45 lb dumbbells)

It wasn’t great but given the situation, I was happy to have gotten any work in. 

We ran a couple of errands after finishing up at the gym and then came back to the house for a while. 

I had to use my lacrosse ball to work out a few knots in my left shoulder but they seemed to go away after a few minutes of rolling around on the ball. 

Later in the day we headed back to the gym but this time to use the outdoor swimming pool. It cooled us right off and woke us up, at least temporarily.  

We spent the rest of the evening just relaxing, trying to fight off the urge to fall asleep. 

Tomorrow we are taking my in-laws’ new speed boat out for a day on the lake. It’ll be my first time getting to drive the boat and we’re also planning on breaking in a new tube they bought for it. 

But first comes a hot shower followed by crashing very hard since I can barely keep my eyes open.