Day 370: Hello from 37,000 Feet

Even though I woke up at the same time as usual, it is always much nicer to wake up without an alarm.

I had a lot of work that I powered through first thing in the morning followed by a couple of meetings. With several projects launching consecutively over the next few weeks, my team has a lot going on so we are all in overdrive. 

While taking breaks throughout the day I had to finish up several last-minute tasks before we left for vacation. 

As I thought would happen, I took today off from working out to give my ankle/shin even more time to heal. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to workout tomorrow but we’ll see how tired I am and how my body is feeling. 

My left shoulder has been sore since my push-up and tricep pushdown workout earlier in the week. I’m sure it is something that will go away within the next day as long as I can get some stretching in. 

As soon as Laura got home we took off for the airport. Even though SFO is approximately 55 miles from our home, it is cheaper to take UberX than it is for us to drive and have to pay for long-term parking. 

Somehow we were fortunate and only ran into stand-still rush hour traffic a couple of times. Usually the highways surrounding San Francisco are parking lots. 

We are taking a red-eye into JFK so that we don’t lose an entire day flying back East. I hate red-eyes but having flying for the better part of a day even more.  

I wish that I wasn’t only going to get three hours of sleep or so for my first night following chemo but there was no other way around it unless we wanted to lose an entire day of our vacation. 

And with that said, it’s time for me to power down so that I can crash for the little bit of time that I have.