Day 37: Back to the Shoulder Pain

Since I couldn't bend myself in bed like can be done in the hospital, I woke up throughout the night with my hands falling asleep again.

I've gotten semi used to it. It still is annoying because it causes me to wake up several times throughout the night. 

I'm considering wearing my bumpers again at night since we figured out how to sleep comfortably with them on.  

Fortunately I only have two more weeks left in the slings.   

It was a fairly "normal" day otherwise, whatever those are anymore.

I spent most of the day sitting up in the living room. I had only done that one or twice before the brain surgery. 

I didn't feel up to taking a walk this morning but felt more comfortable this afternoon. It's a similar feeling as when I got back on my feet from the shoulders surgeries. Every step has to be carefully taken.  

After dinner tonight I decided to weigh myself again. Down another 10 lbs for a total of 32 lbs.

Mind you, this is after dinner and not first thing in the morning like I usually would. So it is probably actually a few lbs more lost. 

Tonight for dinner we had homemade macaroni and cheese, thanks to my mother-in-law. As I mentioned last night, I have found that softer foods feel better for me to eat.  

After dinner I enjoyed watching Monday Night Football, taking a bit of time to relax.