Day 368: No More Restrictions

We didn’t end up eating dinner until later than usual so, due to the timing of my anti-nausea and chemo meds, I wasn’t able to go to bed until after 11:00p which is an hour later than usual. I ended up sleeping lightly, getting under 3 hours of deep sleep.

I had meetings back-to-back from 8:00-11:30a and had to leave at 12:15p to make it to my appointment with our orthopedic surgeon which is 61 miles away. 

I am very happy to announce that today was my last visit with our orthopedic surgeon.  

After taking another set of X-rays and going through the standard tests he puts me through, he said that there was no need for another follow-up appointment. 

The X-ray showed that a small bone spur has developed on the lower section of the left humorous. He said this happened due to the shearing of the humorous when I had my seizure. This may cause arthritis in the future but wasn’t big enough to warrant a procedure. 

I also have some slight calcification in my right shoulder but since it’s right on the deltoid nerve he recommended not doing anything to remove it because it would cause too much pain. 

Other than a warning not to play any contact sports, which I don’t, he gave me the green light.  

He was happy to hear that I was able to complete the Spartan Race last month and said that I should have no other issues moving forward since everything has healed, including the donor bone being accepted by my body. 

When I came back home I headed to the gym to give my ruck a try. Since it was my first time using it I went for a 30 minute walk/light jog on the treadmill.  

It certainly intensifies the workout having 20 additional pounds on your back. 

We’ll see if I decide to bring it with me back to Connecticut since I could get additional exercise walking through the airports and on any workouts that I get in while there, which should be a few, at least. 

Tonight as I was watching TV I checked my Timehop for the day. It is filled with replies that I sent to people who reached out to wish us well this time last year. I have a feeling that the next few weeks will be filled with my daily Timehop being like that.  

It is another reminder of the support, friendship and love that everyone has shown over the last year.