Day 367: Pushups for Days

I should have learned not to brag about only waking up once the previous night while on chemo since I ended up waking up 4 times last night. I was still able to get a decent night’s sleep and felt alright when I woke up.

My legs were much more sore than usual after the 4.75 mile walk on Sunday and how hard I pushed myself during the Spartan 300 workout yesterday. The hot water on them in the shower felt good. 

Every Tuesday my day is packed with most of my weekly team meetings and one-on-ones with my direct reports. I do have a couple meetings with my team that fall into other days during the week but I try to pack Tuesday with as many as possible, even though it usually means a fairly exhausting day by the end. 

Throughout the day I felt pretty good with the exception of some light nausea but nothing that hung around for very long. I was able to eat lunch and have my mid-morning snack and pre-workout protein bar without any issue. 

For my workout I attempted to conquer a workout posted in a Spartan Facebook group that I’m a member of.  

It is a ladder workout consisting of alternating push-ups and tricep dips. I still have pain in my shoulders if I try performing dips so I altered that exercise to tricep push-downs. 

The workout is pretty simple, in theory:  

25 pushups x 1 tricep push-down (or dip) 
24 pushups x 2 tricep push-downs 
23 pushups x 3 tricep push-downs 

…and continuing until you get to 1 pushup x 25 tricep push-downs 

I could only get through the 19 pushups round with an additional 8 pushups before my shoulders and arms finally gave completely out. 

In total I was able to complete 162 pushups and 36 tricep push-downs.  

Not too shabby though I will keep attacking this workout until I can get through the entire thing. 

My 20 lb ruck plate arrived today so I am looking forward to training with my ruck starting tomorrow. While I won’t get a chance to head out to a trail until we get back from vacation, I do want to see how my body handles the additional weight. 

Tomorrow is my one year follow up with my orthopedic surgeon. It should be my last appointment with him as well as everything checks out well.  

Last time when I met with him he mentioned that during tomorrow’s visit he wanted to discuss writing a medical journal article so we’ll see what comes of that.