Day 366: Conquering the Spartan 300

The outpouring of support last night and today was overwhelming, far exceeding anything that I thought would happen.

I don’t care about metrics such as website traffic, subscription, comments, etc but I do look at them occasionally. Yesterday’s traffic alone was double the average monthly traffic on  

That is a testament to how many people shared last night’s update. To everyone who commented, shared or reached out - thank you. I teared up as I read every comment that everyone left. 

Typically I wake up several times during the nights that I’m on chemo but last night I only woke up once which made me happy. 

After going for a 4.75 mile walk up Communications Hill (700’ elevation) 1.5 times yesterday, I was feeling a bit sore when I woke up this morning but otherwise felt good. 

I had a busy Monday filled with back-to-back meetings. Before I realized it the day was over and I was in the car heading home. Since we’re leaving on Friday night, this week is packed with several meetings. 

While waiting for Laura to get home I was scrolling #SpartanRace on Instagram and saw several people posting their Spartan 300 times so I decided to tackle that for today’s WOD.  

The Spartan 300 workout consists of: 

  • 100 jumping jacks
  • 30 burpees
  • 30 box jumps
  • 100 crunches
  • 30 bodyweight squats
  • 30 side kicks per leg
  • 100 high knees (50 per leg)
  • 30 jumping lunges
  • 30 squat jumps

I was able to finish the workout in 16:01, even though I wasn’t feeling great from the chemo.  

I was barely able to walk afterwards and was a bit dizzy but I was really happy with how hard I pushed myself. 

I registered for my next obstacle course race tonight, the 49ers Rush Challenge, on September 19th. From what I’ve read, it is a total of a 4.9K run including stairs and training camp-styled obstacles.  

It will be far different than a Spartan Race but gives me something to train for in September. After that I will have a 5K in October followed by the GORUCK Light Challenge in November. 

Tonight Laura cooked healthy sweet peppers that included ground turkey, brown rice and a mix of vegetables.