Day 364: Running a 5K and Reflecting Back

Though the two minutes wouldn’t have made a difference, I was happy to have beaten my sleep goal by getting 7 hours and 1 minute of sleep.

Usually on Saturdays I workout as soon as I’m done taking care of Sasha and Darren but today Laura had a hair appointment so I waited until she left a little later in the morning. 

I spent time working through shoulder mobilities and using my TriggerPoint roller for global mobility work on my back and legs. 

After having breakfast together I went over to the gym with a goal of running a 5K on the treadmill.  

I would rather run a road 5K but with the tenderness still in my right ankle/shin I thought it would be better to run it on the treadmill just in case I needed to stop and head home. 

Though I know I can run it faster outside, I’m happy that I ran it at a 10 minute/mile pace. The last time I ran a 5K on the treadmill I ran it at a 15 minute/mile pace the night before my Spartan Race. I jogged that one purposely because I wanted to keep my muscles warm but not injure myself. 

While waiting for Laura to come home I took Sasha for a longer walk. In addition to her 0.65 mile walk earlier this morning, I took her for a 0.90 mile walk. 

Since her vet appointment two weeks ago I have been working on pushing her for longer and longer walks.  

Some of it was that I had been lazy with how far I was taking her but also because she has issues with her back knees. 

Once Laura came back from her hair appointment we went over to a shopping area to have lunch and walk around. We weren’t there for specific shopping but more to enjoy a nice day outside and get in extra steps. 

We talked about how last year on this day we had gone to see “Guardians of the Galaxy” followed by lunch at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. 

It’s a bit eerie because it was one of the last three photos that I shared on Instagram before the seizures happened on Sunday. The other two photos were taken on Sunday - one during my morning workout and the other following a long walk that Laura and I took. After that our entire life changed. 

Tomorrow’s update will reflect on Sunday last year and what the past year has involved but this entire weekend has been a bit reflective for both of us.