Day 362: The Chemo Meds Arrived at the Wrong Location

I’m happy to report that last night was far less eventful than the previous night. Though I only slept for 6.75 hours, I only woke up once during the night.

After an insane week, today finally let up on the high volume of meetings that I had during the first half of the week. I still had a handful of meetings but it wasn’t the crazy back-to-back schedule of yesterday and Tuesday. 

Fortunately the pharmacy at UCSF was able to ship the chemo medication yesterday so it arrived today. The only issue was that it arrived at our old address. I found out when the leasing office for the property called me to inquire about the package. 

I spoke with them for a bit and explained what the package was. Thankfully they went to UPS to ship it so that it will arrive by Saturday so that I am able to start my next round on Sunday. I then called the pharmacy to correct my address with them so that there is no further confusion. 

Though it was another hiccup, at least we now know that this pharmacy does turn around the prescription quickly and it’ll get here within a day after it is called in. 

While I ate lunch I caught up on a few MobilityWOD videos. There are a ton of free videos available on Kelly Starrett’s YouTube channel but I also highly recommend their premium account. I have learned so much from the videos over the past year. 

When I got home from work my GORUCK 10L backpack and 3L hydration bladder had arrived. Now I just have to wait until Tuesday for the ruck plate and patch to come in before I can start breaking it in.  

I’m looking forward to using my ruck on our Sunday walks and other opportunities to add more weight to my walks. It’ll help me prepare for the upcoming races that I’ll be participating in during the rest of the year. 

Tonight was both my night off from working out and also our date night. It’s necessary to give my body the day off to heal and prepare for the next workouts. 

As the one-year anniversary of my seizures approaches on Sunday, I have started looking back at photos from my initial recovery and thinking about how consistently I have maintained my daily updates. 

I never thought that I’d publish a post every day for an entire year, never missing a single day. At a minimum of 300 words per night, I have published over 109,000 words. With several updates in the 1,000+ word range that number is actually much higher. 

I hope that these updates continue to inspire you. And I thank each and every one of you who has supported us in any way over the past year. I/we are very appreciative of all of the support.