Day 360: Blood Work and A Mind-Numbing Number of Meetings

Though many people prefer it to be like a sauna when they sleep, I try to keep the bedroom around 68 degrees or cooler at night and sleep with only a sheet over me. 

According to several experts/studies, this is the ideal temperature for optimal sleep. When I woke up in the middle of the night it was 62 degrees in our bedroom which made me very happy.

I started my morning off stopping for my Day 28 blood work which includes the CBC, liver function test and other labs.  

I would have been scheduled to start my chemo again tomorrow night but after the disaster of last month we wanted to push it to start again on Sunday. This will allow us to get back onto a Sunday-Thursday or Monday-Friday schedule. 

I much prefer starting on Sunday or Monday because then I’m only on chemo for the work week as opposed to it spilling into two different weeks and taking up an entire weekend. 

As I sat down to type this update I realized that I will start this round of chemo on the one year anniversary of my seizures. 

Though it isn’t the final chemo round, in some ways it feels as though starting chemo on Sunday night brings it full circle.  

It was a mind-numbing day of back-to-back meetings from the minute I walked in until 3:30p. I even managed to fit in 3-4 hallway conversations in between meetings to avoid having to schedule other meetings at a later point. 

After having meetings all day long I didn’t have a lot of time to workout since I had work to catch up on. I still made it over to the gym, did some dynamic stretching, stretched my shoulders and sprinted one mile on the treadmill. 

It was a quick workout but it is better than not carving out a few minutes to work up a sweat.  

Not every day will be a day where a PR is broken or I’m able to push myself past a breaking point. Some days what matters is simply making it there.