Day 358: Wiping My Phone and An Unsubscribe Spree

Before falling asleep last night I decided to nuke my phone in an attempt to solve the overheating and battery issues. 

I had many of my settings backed up so once all of the apps downloaded again it didn’t take too long to get running at full speed. It was also a good excuse to remove apps that I’m no longer using. 

We all have apps like that on our phones and tablets - we downloaded them because we read about them somewhere, they were useful at one time or we used the service provider but now we haven’t opened the app in over a year. 

I decided to make today a rest day since I was still sore from my workouts earlier in the week. I have a few nagging minor injuries that an extra rest day was helpful with as well. 

I still took a few minutes to stretch out my shoulders because they get tight if I don’t take time each day to put them through their paces. I assume this will be something that I’ll have to do for a long time just to keep them loose. 

While Laura slept I went on an unsubscribe spree on both my personal and office inboxes. Every few months or so I end up unsubscribing from a couple dozen email lists. And that’s not even taking into account a third inbox that I never log into. I can’t imagine how much is hiding in there. 

We had a handful of errands to run so we headed out as soon as Laura woke up.  

After having lunch we went out for our first Sunday walk since the Sunday before we went to Mexico. It was a total of 3.31 miles and took us a shy over an hour to complete.  

What’s nice is that it includes a steep and long hill. I’m really looking forward to my rucking gear coming in because then I’ll start using it for those walks. 

Tonight I ran through my weekly review and started getting ready for the upcoming week. Before the week even begins I already have 31 meetings. I’m sure there will be a handful more that will pop up as the week gets underway.