Day 357: Brunch, Another Visit to the Vet and Mission Impossible

When I was walking Sasha last night before bed I could see a police helicopter a couple of miles in the distance with their search light on. Thinking nothing of it, I came back upstairs and got ready for bed. 

After falling asleep we were both awakened by police sirens and cruisers fish-tailing onto our street. You could hear their screeching tires as their lights were bouncing off of our walls. 

Like a week ago, we’re not sure what happened but whatever it was it probably wasn’t good. 

This morning I headed over to the gym for a long cardio session, as I typically do on Saturdays. After stretching out I hopped on the elliptical for 30 minutes and then did 15 minutes on the stationary bike. 

While I was working out I caught up on a number of episodes of Pursuing Health which is a podcast by CrossFit athlete Julie Foucher.  

She’s only a few episodes in but I love them because they’re short snacks whereas other podcasts that I listen to, such as Tim Ferriss’, take a couple of drives to work to get through, even on 1.5x speed. 

We started the day off having brunch with good friends of ours who drove down from Marin County to see us. It was, surprisingly, our first time ever going out for an actual brunch so that was a lot of fun. 

We then had to take Darren to the vet just a week after bringing Sasha in. It took us a bit of time to get them in since moving so we wanted to knock them out pretty quickly. 

Darren fussed the whole way there and back but he came back with a clean bill of health, unlike Sasha who we had to put on a diet and work on exercising more. 

Since Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation came out this weekend we went to go see that tonight. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. Anyone who is a fan of Mission Impossible will love the movie. 

When we walked out of the movie my phone had plummeted from 69% to 3% battery life even though it was sitting in Laura’s purse the entire time with WiFi, bluetooth and location all turned off.  

It’s a problem I’m continuing to have with my phone and was the same issue I had with my previous phone. I have gone back and forth with Samsung support a few times. Now I’m sitting here typing this update as my phone is being restored back to factory defaults. 

Today was what I love about Saturdays: fitness, fun and relaxation.