Day 354: Changing Chemo Pharmacies (Finally!)

Typically, each morning I scan my email that has come in overnight. Usually I do not have to reply until I get to the office and sit down to process my inbox. However, this morning there were emails that needed to be replied to and reports that my team had to work on processing earlier than usual.

I heard back from one of our neuro-oncology nurses that they were able to call in my chemo prescriptions to the CVS next door to where we live. 

Immediately after getting off of the phone with UCSF I received a call from CVS to work through having the prescriptions delivered to them. They use a specialty pharmacy that they have to order it from, similar to the home delivery pharmacy that we have been using. 

I was given an option of either having it delivered to our home, work or to CVS. After having so many issues with shipping to our home, and to make it easier, I asked for it to be delivered to CVS. That way I know it arrived safely and is stored properly until I pick it up. 

The end of the day came quicker than I expected. That always makes me excited, not because I’m glad that the work day has come to an end but because it means that I can go work out. 

I really enjoyed today’s Spartan WOD: 


  • Dynamic warm-up – 3 movements x 2 at 25 yards each.
  • Jump rope 5 minutes

Main set

For 3 minutes, complete as many rounds as possible:

  • 3 burpees
  • 6 push-ups (any variation)
  • 9 bodyweight squats.

Rest 3 minutes. Repeat 6 sets.

Cool Down


I wanted to complete all 6 sets but had to deal with a few work-related things so I was delayed getting over to the gym. 

Instead of the 6 sets I completed 3 sets of 3 rounds per set plus an additional 3 burpees. That still brought the total number of reps up to: 30 burpees, 54 push-ups and 81 bodyweight squats.

For the third day in a row I need to get into my office earlier than usual thus meaning an earlier alarm.