Day 353: Signing Up for My Next Challenge

My day started out with a stop at Quest Labs to get my first of two blood tests over the next week before starting my sixth round of chemo one week from Sunday.

I used to be border-line squeamish at being stuck with needles but after having it done so many times I now know the exact vein and needle gauge the phlebotomist needs to use. 

Tomorrow I should hear back from our nursing team if we’re able to shift the home delivery pharmacy that we’ve been using. We have two other options that they’re going to try first before falling back to ACS. 

By the second meeting of my morning the focus of my day shifted and it turned into a very busy day. Before I knew it it was already 4:00p and time for me to hit the road home to beat rush hour traffic. 

Today’s Spartan WOD was simple but was designed to scale to as hard as you wanted to make it - alter cardio for 10 minutes followed by 10-15 push-ups or burpees. I tweaked it to make it even more difficult: 


  • Dynamic Stretching

Main Set

  • Elliptical - 10 minutes
  • 15 push-ups
  • Elliptical - 10 minutes (30 secs intervals)
  • 15 push-ups
  • Stationary Bike - 5 minutes
  • 15 push-ups

As I prefer, I came home drenched in sweat, had trouble catching my breath and trying to slow my heart rate down. It was a successful workout.

To help make mine and Laura’s Sunday walks/hikes harder, tonight I ordered a GORUCK 10L Bullet Ruck3L Hydration Blatter and a 20 lb ruck plate. Wondering what rucking is? Check out this great post by my buddy, C.C Chapman.

I also signed up for my first GORUCK Light Challenge since they were 50% off as part of GORUCK’s Xmas in July sale.

While there is a Light Challenge taking place in Santa Cruz on August 8th, I have opted to sign up for the November 14th challenge to give me time to get used to rucking.

I’m sure there will be 5Ks that I’ll sign up for before then including the Walk ’N Wag walk that I’ll be doing with Laura and colleagues to benefit the Silicon Valley Humane Society. 

I’m excited to have signed up for a new challenge. I had the same nerves before hitting the “Place Order” button just like when I signed up for my Spartan Race. 

I’m looking forward to training for another event since it gives me something to hone my focus and to work on my weaknesses. 

Tomorrow will be another early start to the morning since I’m presenting to our worldwide team first thing so I have to get in a bit earlier than normal.