Day 352: A Day Full of Meetings

The morning started out with taking Sasha for another long(er) walk. It’s only 0.35 miles per walk on average, as of right now, but that was still farther than I was walking her before. 

After a fun weekend, today was time to start another fast-paced week of non-stop meetings leaving only small pockets of time to get project work done. 

I know many people don’t find meetings productive and, of course, some meetings aren’t. But, the majority of meetings that I’m involved in are productive, useful and are geared to help drive our business forward.  

It’s just that with such a broad area of responsibility, our team finds ourselves in a lot of meetings every week trying to stay on top of a number of initiatives, product releases, etc. 

One of the great parts of it? I get the pleasure of working with an amazing group of people on a daily basis who not only work extremely hard but love to have fun while we’re at it.   

I got home from work, took Sasha for another 0.35 mile walk and then headed over to get my workout in. 

I forgot how much I enjoyed the workout from Men’s Fitness that I tackled again last week so I decided to do that one today. 

My legs were a bit sore so after dynamic stretching I warmed up on the stationary bike for 5 minutes before jumping into this workout: 

3 rounds with 30 seconds rest between rounds 

- Band-thruster - 10-15 repetitions
- Bentover Row - 15 repetitions
- Resisted Pushup - 15 repetitions
- Reverse Flye - 15 repetitions
- Monster Walk - 10 repetitions (each direction)
- Squat to Curl - 15 repetitions
- Russian Twists - 15 repetitions
- Toe touches - 15 repetitions 
- Planks - 1 min

Much like last week, I used the 15-20 lb band for every exercise except for the reverse flyers which I’m still stuck at the 12-15 lb band. However, I did improve on the last set of the Monster Walk and Squat to Curls by jumping up to the 25-30 lb band. 

Tonight has been a combination of relaxing with Laura and getting a bit of work done before sitting down to type my update.