Day 350: The Stationary Bike, Sasha's Weight and Ant-Man

Though I didn’t fall asleep until 1:00a I was still able to get 3.75 hours of deep sleep. It would have been nice to sleep in a bit but Sasha ensured that I woke up by 7:00a.

For today’s workout I attacked my least favorite piece of cardio equipment: the stationary bike. 

Before starting my workout I took time to stretch my shoulders, upper back and legs. I haven’t done as good of a job stretching my shoulders out over the last few days. 

I decided to ride the bike for 45 minutes while watching the CrossFit Games highlights from yesterday and this morning. 

It’s a lot easier to push yourself while watching how hard the CrossFit athletes are pushing themselves through their workouts.  

During the Games, the athletes have to compete three times per day for three days. Even though they are professional athletes in their sport, it is still crazy to think about completing three CrossFit-style workouts in a single day, resting and having to come back to do it all over again the next day. 

When Laura woke up we walked to Starbucks since it was such a beautiful morning. It was a chance to add another mile to my total number of steps for the day. 

Sasha had her first vet appointment since moving down to San Jose. She came in a little heavier than we expected when we weighed her.  

I have given her one too many pizza crusts, Cheez-Its and licks of peanut butter lately. We now have to work on trimming 10-15 pounds by the next time we see the vet. 

We went to a late afternoon showing of Ant-Man. I wasn’t sure how it was going to be but went because of how big of a fan we are of Marvel movies. 

It was a fun movie to see. As usual it had aspects of other Marvel movies integrated throughout it. I have read that Ant-Man will be part of the next Avengers movie so that makes a lot of sense. 

When we came home we took Sasha for a much longer walk than usual. Even though she has aging back legs, she did a great job with the walk. 

Since we didn’t get a lot of sleep last night we have just taken the night to relax.