Day 35: Recovering from Brain Surgery

Though I have been out of surgery for at least two days, today has been the first day where I have fully felt like myself again. That might be because of no crazy heart racing issues or maybe it's because Laura is only a few inches from me (even though both of these constants were yesterday as well). 

I have spent most of today just resting in bed. I did get out of bed and walked around the floor with my in-laws encouraging me to slow down serveral times. 

I was able to fight off nausea throughout the day, something that I wasn't able to do the first night out of surgery and something I needed medication for yesterday.  

I have also only needed additional pain medication outside of my normal dosing once today, which was earlier tonight after fighting it off for the majority of today. 

I am happy with my progress in just over 48 hours of rest.

Throughout the day several doctors and nurses gave stopped by to remove various machines, a blood drain, an IV and several other gear.

All of which are good signs of heading home in the next couple days. I'm hoping to be home by Monday. 

While I have said thank you several times over the course of this journey, my heart was overwhelmed with the outpouring of support when I woke up and came to from the surgery. There are no words for how deeply your outreach has meant.  

It's back to resting for me. I hope that you're having a fantastic weekend so far!