Day 349: A Perfect Night for a Baseball Game

Since we were going to watch the San Francisco Giants vs the Oakland Athletics in the 1st “Battle of the Bay” game tonight, I had to drop Laura off at work. 

Instead of coming back home to work for the day I decided to go into my office since I was already halfway there. 

Fridays are typically very quiet in our office since so many people opt to work from home thus it can be a great day for getting a lot of work done when you are one of the few there. 

After lunch I shot back home so that I could beat traffic, get more work done, go workout and take care of Sasha and Darren before going to pick up Laura. 

Once I tackled a few things for work I took my pre-workout and got ready to go workout.  

I was still feeling discomfort in my ankle/shin so I avoided today’s Spartan WOD because it had a lot of running programmed. Instead I turned to Greatist to see if they had any workouts that sounded painful and fun. 

Side note: if you have never checked out Greatist then make sure you do. It is a fantastic site dedicated to health and fitness but in a down-to-earth way. 

I decided to try a workout from Grokker that was a 30-minute workout with minimal rest. The entire workout is below and you can also follow use this video they provided: 

Perform each exercise for 40 seconds, followed by 20 seconds of squat spins. Rest 20 seconds between each set. 

Set 1: 
Single-leg squat
Push-up with shoulder tap
In-out jump
Tuck crunch

Set 2: 
Curtsy lunge
Elbow dip
Split lunge, 180-degree jump

Set 3: 
Single-leg hip raise
Swimming plank
Wide-leg squat thrust
Single-leg V-Sit

Set 4:
Lateral lunge see-saw
Single-leg inverted push-up
Lateral jump
Full kick-up

Set 5: 
Walkout push-Up
Y dorsal raise
Tick-tock lizard
Full core rock  

I fatigued quickly during this workout but continued to push through until the end. I did have a lot of trouble with the “elbow dip” exercise. It was one that I couldn’t get my mind and body to sync up on so I’ll have to work on improving there. 

To help reduce the impact on my ankle/shin I brought our yoga mat with me which is something that I haven’t done before. It turned out to really help. 

Laura and I spent the night at the baseball game. We had the fortunate ability to watch the game from the Salesforce Champion Suite on the Promenade Level of the park thanks to my wonderful company. The seats are right behind home plate and provide a spectacular view of the entire park. 

We were able to watch the bottom of the 8th and top of the 9th inning from the 4th row behind home plate. If you’re in the Bay Area and were watching the game, you may have even seen us on TV.  

I have never sat that close at a baseball game before. It was incredible and very cool. 

Now that we’re back home after a really fun night and it is nearly 1:00a, it is time to put away the laptop and drift off to sleep.