Day 348: Another Day of Rest

Compared with the rest of the week, today seemed easy by comparison since I only had a few meetings today. However, I quickly became buried in a bunch of work, some of which was planned and some that came in throughout the day that needed to be dealt with before leaving the office.

I was hoping to get back to the gym tonight but I continued to feel the soreness in my ankle. I decided to give myself another day off to rest. 

It feels as though I have barely worked out this week but by the end of the week I will have gotten in 5 workouts so I’m only one workout off of my normal routine. 

One of the questions I have been asked multiple times since my Spartan Race is how I trained for it.  

It’s funny because even though it helped to focus my attention, most of my training wasn’t specifically for the race.  

The only real tweaks I made was ensuring that I was doing more burpees and that I trained in hotter conditions, which I accomplished by not cranking the central air in the gym. 

I have been following the Spartan WODs since getting back to the gym because they provide a nice daily workout structure that can be accomplished practically anywhere. I would have used them even if I wasn’t training for the race. 

As I register for additional obstacle course races I will continue training at the same level that I have been but will work in focused efforts on training deficiencies that were exposed during the race. 

I have also been talking with a couple of friends about incorporating rucking into my weekly routine. Laura and I typically go for walks on Sundays.  

I may start using that walk as an opportunity to ruck thus making the walk even harder but still giving me time to spend with Laura. 

On my way home from work I picked up flowers to surprise Laura. Thursdays are date night for us so when she got home we went out for dinner and drinks.