Day 344: The Day After My Spartan Race

I slept hard last night, getting 8.5 hours of rest with 4.5 hours of it being deep sleep. I only woke up once and that was because of several emergency vehicles outside.

My body definitely needed the rest and I felt completely refreshed when I woke up. 

Surprisingly my legs weren't as sore as I had anticipated. They were sore but more similar to how my legs feel after a 5K run.  

My upper back, however, was extremely sore. I suppose 120 burpees and 20 pushups will do that to you. My hands/grip were also sore which is one of the areas that I need to continue working on. 

I’ll be interested to see if delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) will set in tomorrow. If not then I plan on heading right back into the gym tomorrow when I get home from work. 

After enjoying eating whatever I wanted yesterday following the race, today I got right back to eating healthy.  

I had my typical protein shake with 2 scoops of Syntha-6 (aff. link) and almond milk for breakfast to help with muscle recovery. 

While Laura slept I took time to use my TriggerPoint GRID (aff. link) to break up some of the soreness. I meant to take time to use my Supernova to get deeper into my upper back but got sidetracked. 

We had a long list of errands to run including the fun that is always Costco. But, when you consume as much chicken and ground turkey as we do, it is a necessary stop every few weeks. 

Even though it was muggy out we had anticipated going for a walk. My legs were feeling good and I thought a walk would help with the soreness. 

We were watching The Office and we both started dozing off. So, instead of going for a walk, we both decided to take a nap. I ended up getting another hour of deep sleep for a total of 9.5 hours sleep. 

I am not a napper. I have read about and know the benefits of napping but it is something that I’m just not able to do. I have tried it several times especially when I worked from home full-time.  

The only time I nap is during the week of chemo so today was a rare occasion. 

Yesterday I had only taken a quick look at my results but today I checked them again. It took me 1.5 hours to complete and I placed in the top 75-78%, with variations for each of the categories.  

My only goal was to complete the race but now that it exposed my weaknesses, I know what I need to work on to beat my time next year when I run the race again. 

I fully plan on running other obstacle races and will use 5Ks and other runs as a way to prep my body. But, I will use this AT&T Park race as a way to benchmark myself.