Day 342: The Night Before My Spartan Race

It was nice to have a “normal” Friday which meant working from home and thus not waking up to an alarm. Well, not waking up to my phone alarm. I still had Sasha and Darren as my pet alarms.

I was able to get into an early groove and crush through several deliverables that needed to get finished and others that I wanted to get ahead on. 

Late afternoon I headed to the gym for a low-intensity cardio workout. I spent around 15 minutes stretching out my shoulders and legs. I then ran a 5K (3.1 miles) at a 15 min/mile pace and a 1.5% incline. It took approximately 46 mins to complete and then I spent an additional 15-20 minutes rolling out my body using my TriggerPoint GRID. 

It was nice to get in a slower run since I wanted to keep my body moving for a longer period of time without stressing it too much to avoid injury or soreness before tomorrow. 

After taking a regular shower I then switched over to a 3-5 minute cold shower (read: no hot water at all) to further help my muscles. It is something that I used to do nearly every night but it has fallen out of my regular routine over the past few months. 

I printed off my release waivers, got my gear prepared and settled in to watch a movie with Laura. 

For the first 5-10 minutes of the movie I used a lacrosse ball on foot and ankle mobilization work to work out any knots in my feet and to help my ankles move a bit better. 

Throughout the day I have been checking the #spartanrace hashtag on Instagram, seeing others who are preparing to run tomorrow.  

Tonight I also saw an image of, at least part of, the race map for tomorrow. It looks like it has been clocked in at 4+ miles and 20+ obstacles. That extra mile+ will be tough but I will push through it no matter what lays ahead.  

This is bigger than just completing a race. This is the culmination of many months of hard work battling back from my shoulder injuries and brain surgery. 

It’s time to work on calming my nerves so that I can get a solid night of sleep. 

Thank you to everyone who has continued to support us at every stop along the way on this journey.