Day 341: Spartan Race Details and Seeing Kevin Hart

I had a better night of sleep last night though I woke up at 11:40p thinking that it was already around 5:00a. That was great in my opinion because it made the rest of the night seem like bonus sleep.

While I typically drink approximately 3 liters of water per day, yesterday through tomorrow I have increased that to a goal of a gallon of water. That means keeping track throughout the day to ensure that I am tracking properly. 

Since I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of time tonight, I brought my Supernova (another torture device) to the office today. In between standing sessions I used it to shear my back and upper shoulders.  

If anyone had walked by my office they would have seen me contorting in weird ways in my chair. Ah well, as long as my back and shoulders are nice and loose, that’s all that I care about. 

I had also brought my lacrosse ball with me but never got around to using it on my feet.  

I received the final race details from Spartan HQ today including the Athlete’s Guide and my bib number (#4316).  

I have my Facebook account connected so come Saturday it should provide ongoing live updates as I make my way through the course. 

We’re planning on getting there roughly 2.5 hours early, thanks to advice from a friend, to give me time to check in and warm up.  

In the Athlete’s Guide something that caught my attention was that they have a warm-up area that includes obstacles to test on. They also offer rope climbing lessons. Since I have never climbed a rope in my life, I was happy to see that in there.  

I have watched hours of YouTube videos on different rope climbing techniques but that is the obstacle that I am the least confident about heading into Saturday therefore I’m glad that I’ll be able to practice a bit beforehand, especially due to my shoulders. 

Tonight was my rest day from the gym so I relaxed for a little bit until Laura got home. We then headed out to grab appetizers and a beer before the Kevin Hart performance. 

It was such a fun night spent laughing at jokes by not only Kevin Hart but the other comedians that took the stage before him. 

If you’re a fan of Kevin Hart’s whether it be from seeing a movie of his or seeing one of his previous comedy specials, then make sure you try getting out to see him on tour. 

I don’t have photos or videos from the evening because his team was very strict on no phones or cameras being taken out. In fact, when we were making our way to our seats one of the security team members told us that they had to hire 100 additional people just for this event. 

I’m looking forward to working from home tomorrow, going through a low-intensity cardio workout and getting ready for Saturday.