Day 34: Undergoing Motor Skills and Speech Tests

After coming out of surgery on Thursday, today has been focused on running motor skills and speech tests. 

I started the day off on neuro ICU before being moved to a regular private room where Laura could sleep bedside with me.

They also don't allow phones in neuro ICU so we had to snap shots quickly that were published yesterday.

Now that we're in a private regular room, it makes it much easier to get back on track with publishing these updates.  

Prior to being moved from the neuro ICU, I had a fairly scary experience that night. I moved a bit, causing my heart rate to rapidly increase. The entire medical team said it was normal. But, when you have an additional 5-8 people in your room and another 5-10 peering in, it causes you to panic a bit.  

Other than that, neuro ICU was pretty normal with the exception of being hooked up to a lot more machines.  

Now that we're in a normal room, they continue to come by, removing machines or lines one by one...signs of progress. 

I hope that you're doing amazing! Thank you for everything you have given to us over this long journey.