Day 336: Minions, Mini-Golf & Ice Cream

I only woke up once during the night which is better than normal especially during my week on chemo. 

After having to deal with cleaning up after Sasha, who didn’t have such a great night, I went over to the gym for a low intensity cardio workout. 

I wanted to test my ankle after giving it a few days to rest. I decided to try 30 minutes on the elliptical even though I normally would put in 60-90 minutes on Saturday.  

Though I felt some pain in my ankle I was still able to complete the 30 minutes without having to stop. When I finished I did some additional stretching to help loosen it up even more. 

Every day won’t be a new PR. Sometimes a successful workout is just getting into the gym and accomplishing something. 

Laura and I went out to Starbucks and then a local donut shop for breakfast before coming back home for a bit. 

We then went to see the Minions movie which was hilarious. It’s a fun, light-hearted movie compared to the action or drama movies that we’re used to seeing. Following the movie we went to play mini-golf and to get ice cream.  

It was a fun way to spend time with Laura on a Saturday. 

When we got home I was overcome with fatigue and almost fell asleep a few times while we watched TV. Laura continued to push me to take a nap but I refused to even though I probably should have. 

As the evening set in I still wasn’t hungry when I realized that all I had throughout the day was a protein shake, donuts, popcorn and ice cream. Without a craving for anything at all we went to Subway so at least I could have a fairly well-rounded meal. 

I know it could be much worse but dealing with fatigue and not having an appetite are still not fun especially for someone with an endless amount of natural energy and a healthy appetite. 

Fortunately I ate earlier in the night so that I can take my medications early therefore getting more time for my body to rest tonight. 

Usually tomorrow (Day 4) is when fatigue hits me really hard and I have to take a nap. I’m hoping to push through it if it does happen but know when to give in.