Day 334: Feeling More Fatigued Than Usual

I woke up a couple of times throughout the night. Like usual I sat on the edge of the bed for a second to gather myself and ensure that I wasn’t nauseous before standing up.

Throughout the day I felt strong and had no issues with powering through my meetings. Though I typically lose my appetite later during the round, I still had my appetite today which was good. 

Yet again I had to deal with issues with the home delivery pharmacy. This time there was another inconsistency between what they told me in regards to copay and what actually posted to our credit card. 

Right around 3:30p as a meeting finished up I started to feel very tired. At first I thought that it was just from a busy day of meetings but as I started driving home I realized that it was from the chemo. 

After taking Sasha out for a walk I laid down on the couch and just rested while watching TV. Since it was my rest day from the gym I didn’t have to be active while waiting for Laura to come home from work. 

I talked to Laura when she left her office and then, unexpectedly, fell asleep on the couch for about 20 minutes until she came home.  

It is the first time that I have ever felt this fatigued on the first full day of chemo. Every other round the fatigue kicks in on days 4 and 6. 

I shook off my sleepiness so that we could go out to dinner. Though Laura offered to stay home, I swore that I wouldn’t let chemo get the best of me and I remain consistent with that.  

We enjoyed a nice dinner out, ensuring that we finished eating in enough time to give me the proper spacing needed between my last meal of the night, my anti-nausea medication and then my chemo. 

As I type this update I’m still feeling fatigued. I am hoping that I’m able to get a good night of sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow feeling more rested.