Day 333: And So It Begins Again

I slept well last night, only waking up once. Unfortunately I won’t be able to accurately track my sleep again until next Tuesday when my new UP2 band is scheduled to arrive.

The warranty on my UP24 had expired so I needed to purchase a new band. I decided to go with the UP2 since I don’t need heart-rate monitoring, at least as of now. It is something that I can always upgrade to in the future. 

Unlike yesterday, I had a normal day that included a mix of meetings, project work and admin work. 

I left work early enough to ensure that I’d get back home in time to check with our leasing office on whether or not the chemo meds had arrived. 

I really need to change the delivery address to my office so that I can get it earlier in the day and not have to worry about beating the clock - a change that I plan on making next month. 

Fortunately the medication was here when I got home, a week after it was originally supposed to arrive and two days after I was supposed to start this round. 

My ankle was still feeling off so I decided to focus only on a strength workout today completing 4 rounds of the following: 

  • 30 seconds - alternating jumping lunges
  • 30 seconds - air squats
  • 45 seconds - planks
  • 45 seconds - pushups
  • 3 minute rest

All in all I was able to accomplish approximately 40 alternating lunges (per leg), 40 air squats and 90-100 pushups. 

I’m hoping that with a rest day tomorrow that my ankle will feel strong enough to get in a few cardio workouts before shutting down prior to my Spartan race a week from Saturday. 

I just took the anti-nasuea medication and will start my next round of chemo in around 45 minutes. 

Every round I get a bit nervous each night before taking the chemo medication. Though our neuro-oncologist has told us that how your body handles the first round is how it typically handles every round thereafter, there is always that fear that something will go tragically wrong thus causing a bad/painful round. 

No matter what, we will get through this round and set our eyes on the sixth round which will bring us 50% of the way through this 12-month cycle of chemo.