Day 329: Traveling Back Home on Fourth of July

When we woke up this morning we quickly got dressed. We wanted to spend time as much as we could down at the pool before having to leave for the airport.

It was overcast outside so we couldn’t go swimming but did enjoy just having our legs draped over the wall’s edge watching the waves crash in. It was the first day that it was overcast since we had arrived. 

Reluctantly we checked out of our hotel and headed to the airport. Vacations are always hard to bring to an end because we always have so much fun. 

It was an uneventful and quick three hour flight back home. It was our first time going through Customs at SJC. It only took us 15 minutes from the time the we de-planed until the time we exited the airport. It was awesome. 

Immediately upon walking in our front door I was tackled by Sasha. She is always so overjoyed when I come home from a trip. She usually doesn’t know what to do with herself so she jumps, rolls, sits, barks, whines, paws and anything else she can think of…all at once. 

We usually don’t come home from vacation until later in the evening the night before having to go back to work.  

Since we were home by 5p with an entire day tomorrow to run errands, unpack and get ready for the work week, we decided to go see Ted 2 tonight. 

In our opinion, it was funnier than the first one. As with the original movie about 20-30 minutes in an older couple walked out of the movie. I’m assuming it wasn’t what they were expecting. 

We don’t have many groceries after trying to get rid of everything before vacation so after the movie we decided to grab dinner out as our final cheat meal. 

When we left we could see several firework shows from the parking lot and highway. While it would have been great to watch them, Sasha gets very scared by the sounds of exploding fireworks.  

I had to sit with her for a while to help keep her reassured and calm before finally having to stop so I could type my update though she is now hiding while the remainder of the fireworks continue to go off. 

I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and crush a workout after taking a week off. I am fully re-energized and ready to take on both my workouts, eating healthy, chemo and work.