Day 327: Making New Friends

I was able to hit a 5-day streak after getting another great night of sleep last night. My average this week has been 8.25 hours, a full hour extra than my goal when I’m at home.

The sun felt extra strong today so we spent a lot of time going in and out of the water just to cool off.  

I continued reading "Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage” and am hoping to finish it tomorrow to make it three full books that I read this week. 

My left shoulder seems to be feeling better and wasn’t sore throughout the day at all. I’m not sure what caused it but am happy that it went away.

Before heading down to the pool this morning, I saw a Facebook update from my buddy, Tim Hayden, where he tagged me and another friend of his saying that we were both down in Cabo at the same time.  

While laying out, Tim’s other friend came over and introduced himself and his wife. I would have never guessed that we were both at the same hotel together. They had plans for the morning but came back mid-afternoon and we ended up hanging out the rest of the afternoon with them.  

It’s always crazy when things happen like that. Cabo has several resorts so I never thought we’d run into each other. 

After spending the afternoon together we decided to go to dinner as well. It was really nice spending the evening with new friends, laughing and enjoying another beautiful sunset. 

As we get closer to heading home on Saturday, while we never want a vacation to be over, I am looking forward to seeing Sasha and Darren. Our sitter continues to send us adorable photos of them each day. 

Come Saturday I will be exactly 2 weeks away from my first Spartan race. I am also itching to get a workout in but will continue to hold off until Sunday instead of working out while I’m here.