Day 326: Wave-Runner Fun

Around 3:30a I woke up sweating and didn’t hear the ceiling fans or air conditioning running. Using my phone as a flashlight I checked the AC panel only to find nothing displayed. I then checked a few of the electronics in the room. Nothing. I managed to find the circuit breaker but that didn’t help out either.

When I called down to the main desk I found out that the entire city of Cabo San Lucas had lost power. Luckily, after calling the power came back on within 15 minutes or so and the room quickly cooled back down allowing me to drift back off. 

It reminded me of when we were in Aruba a couple of years ago. The first night we were there a massive thunderstorm formed with a lightening strike hitting the island’s electrical plant causing the entire island to lose power. 

We were both so tired that neither of us woke up during any of the chaos and only found out about it from a taxi driver the next day. 

We enjoyed a buffet-style breakfast overlooking the water today. There are few things better than hearing waves repeatedly crashing in to the shore. 

We spent the majority of the day by the pool but left earlier than usual so that we could take out a wave-runner. 

Throughout the day my left shoulder was aching more than usual. I’m not sure if I slept on it wrong or if it’s because I haven’t been stretching/working out. 

It is a tradition for us to take a wave-runner out at least once while we’re on vacation together. They are incredibly fun to ride at full speed, skipping waves and getting hammered by the water. 

After riding the wave-runner we came back to our room to change for dinner.  

Tonight we went back to Mi Casa, a restaurant in downtown Cabo. It’s a beautiful setting with multiple rooms, some exposed to the open air. Their specialty is their multiple types of mole. If you’re ever in Cabo, Mi Casa is a must-try on your list. 

Following dinner we walked through downtown for a bit looking for a vendor that we visited last year but, unfortunately, it seems that he went out of business. 

It was another wonderful day in paradise. With only 2.5 days left before coming home, we are looking forward to enjoying them to the max.