Day 325: A Wonderful Sunset Dinner

I split the difference between the previous two nights, getting 9.5 hours of sleep. I was able to get 5.5 hours of sleep like I did on Saturday night.  

I really wish there was a push goal in the UP app since I’ve been crushing my 7 hour goal each night we’ve been here. 

Once we woke up we grabbed breakfast and then headed to the pool for the day (again). We took a couple of trips down the water slide before settling in for another day of laying in the sun. 

I ended up finishing “The Great War of Our Time” by former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell which I had started yesterday. 

I mentioned that I enjoy reading military, intelligence and political books due to what I pursued my master’s degree in and what my career plans originally were.  

However, in addition to my interests, another reason why I enjoy reading books such as these, especially biographies, is to understand how others approach issues.  

What their days look like, how they are organized, what processes they employ and other related information. I try to take away key points that I can implement into my life, be it professional or personal. 

I took away several ideas that I will mull over and consider implementing into my professional life when I get back to work in the weeks to come. 

Tomorrow I will turn my focus onto finishing "Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage” which I had started a couple of weeks ago but still have a large portion of the book to finish. 

Tonight we enjoyed a sunset dinner at The Office. It was one of our favorite restaurants last year when we were in Cabo so we wanted to make sure we came back. It is a highly recommended restaurant and you must have reservations to even get a table. 

While sitting at dinner we again reflected on the past year especially given that we were at the same restaurant watching a similar sunset almost exactly a year ago. So much has changed in the year and we feel fortunate to be back in Cabo. 

Again we used it as an opportunity to walk to dinner, gaining approximately 5,000 total steps to/from dinner. What has been funny is that I have not been wearing my UP band during the day even though I have been climbing nearly 21-28 flights of stairs during the day.  

Even without wearing my band during the day, I am still getting between 6,500-7,500 steps per day so I am sure that I am blowing past 10,000 steps each day so far. 

My shoulders have been holding up well even though I haven’t been taking time to stretch them out throughout the day as much as I would like to. 

Tomorrow we are planning on taking out a wave-runner - another tradition of ours. It is a lot of fun to go racing up and down the beach line for a while.