Day 323: Soaking Up the Sun While Reading

I managed to sleep for almost 10 hours last night with nearly 5.5 hours of deep sleep. I usually average 7 hours of sleep with 2.5-3 hours of deep sleep per night so last night was great.

When we’re on vacation by ourselves, one of our routines is to find delicious chocolate croissants for breakfast. This vacation is no different. Once we were dressed we ventured out of the hotel to find a chocolate croissant, a morning bun and a chorizo breakfast sandwich. 

We spent the entire day laying by the pool. We took breaks taking a dip in the pool or going down a really fun water slide that drops you into the lower pool. 

The slide doesn’t look that long so the first time down I didn’t cross my arms across my chest, taking the full force of the entry under my arms. I had to stretch out my shoulders after that and didn’t make that mistake again. 

I spent my day reading the new autobiography by Ronda Rousey’s, My Fight/Your Fight. Beyond being a great story about how Ronda got to where she is in her career, it is an inspirational book filled with motivation as you turn every page. 

I have another few books along with a couple of magazines that I hope to get through this week. I don’t take as much time as I would like to read while I’m at home. On vacations I enjoy spending my days diving into books to catch up for the time missed. 

We walked approximately a 1/2 mile to and from dinner tonight at a restaurant that we had discovered last year. Instead of bringing bread and butter to the table, they greet you with an order of chips and three types of salsa. It’s heaven for me. 

In addition to walking to dinner the last 2 nights, we have also been taking the stairs to our room which is on the 7th floor.  We end up having to go upstairs a few times per day so the flights of stairs add up quickly. 

Though I’m taking the week off of working out, walking and taking the stairs is keeping my body active. Plus, I know that the Spartan Race is going to have a lot of stairs involved so any extra flight I can take now will help to pay off in a few weeks. 

Today was an amazing first full day on vacation. Completely drained from the sun, I am looking forward to crashing in bed soon.