Day 322: Arriving in Cabo and Reflecting Back

We didn’t fall asleep until late last night while trying to finish up last-minute packing. Couple that with an earlier-than-normal alarm this morning.

Our flight was delayed by an hour this morning but we still made it down to Cabo without any issue.  

One tip to anyone ever considering going to Cabo: hire car service to meet you at the airport. There are so many scammers that it can be very easy to be taken advantage of.  

With car service all you need to do is walk outside, find the service you hired and then you’ll be taken to an SUV that is waiting for you. Not only will the SUV be cold but you’ll usually be able to enjoy a couple of ice cold beers on the way to your hotel. 

An option that we have with our car service is to have our driver stop at Walmart. This is great because it allows us to pick up bottled water, beer and snacks. 

We learned last year that it is very easy to spend a lot of money just on water if you’re having to charge bottles of it to your room all day long. 

Once we were checked into our hotel we did the first thing you should always do when you get to Mexico: enjoy tacos and a frozen margarita! 

After resting for a bit we decided to take a walk up Medano Beach near the area where we stayed last year. It’s about a 0.75 mile walk in wet sand which makes the walk very taxing. 

We stopped at a bar that we had watched the NBA Finals from last year. They had to completely rebuild the bar after Hurricane Odile. When the hurricane slammed into Cabo San Lucas, it was a Category 4 storm with 125 mph winds. 

As we walked the 0.75 miles back to the hotel we saw other signs of destruction that have not been rebuilt, including an entire resort that appears to be completely abandoned. 

While we were enjoying drinks at the bar that we had walked to, Laura remarked how the entire scene seemed exactly the same way it was a year ago. For a brief moment it seemed as though the last 10 months hadn’t happened. 

We remarked that this vacation will feel that way because we were on this exact same beach one year ago. No one could have ever predicted that approximately 8 weeks later our entire lives would be changed forever. 

We both feel fortunate to be in Cabo enjoying a vacation together, realizing how quickly it can all be taken away.