Day 320: My Last Day in the Office Before Vacation

We fell asleep later than usual last night since Laura was finishing cleaning and laundry so I was sleepier than usual when I woke up. I was able to sleep through the night without waking up which is always a bonus for me.

I took off for my office early so that I could stop at the grocery store to grab cash from the ATM (we need money for tips and whatnot), pick up dry dog food (can’t have Sasha run out while we’re away!) and a couple of magazines to read while on vacation (for when I get sick of books). 

I had several meetings throughout the day as I worked on tying up the loose ends before vacation. I don’t have any meetings tomorrow afternoon even though I will spend a few hours getting work done once I get back from UCSF. 

I was originally planning on working out when I came home, even though it’s a scheduled rest day, but I still had some pain/soreness in my shins and ankles. I decided to give my body extra time to heal before getting in one final workout tomorrow. 

While waiting for Laura to come home I had a number of tasks around the house that needed to get done before we leave. It was good to get those done before she came home so that we were able to just relax when she got home. 

It will be an early start to the morning tomorrow so that I can beat rush-hour traffic up to UCSF. It will be the first time going without Laura. It will be unusual to be without her but she needs to head in to her office to finish up work that’s due before we’re away for the week. 

Though the tests have been positive in the past, there is always a bit of nervousness with hearing the results of the MRI. It’s also another day of getting stuck twice. One is for the IV for the contrast they use for the MRI and the other is for the first of two blood tests before my next round of chemo.