Day 319: Another Day Closer to Vacation

We usually sleep with the windows open because it’s much more comfortable feeling the breeze (and it’s cheaper too!). The street lights that bleed into the room when we have the window open don’t bother me because I wear a sleep mask at night to block out all light.

But, there wasn’t as much breeze last night as would have been ideal so we slept with the air on. The good part about that was that we didn’t have any of the road noise that we usually contend with.  

I had a few back-to-back meetings this morning before walking over to Levi’s Stadium for lunch with a partner of ours. It was a nice way to get an additional 1.2 miles of walking in since it’s about 0.6 miles over to the restaurant. 

I went over to the gym, as usual, as soon as I came home to get in today's workout: 


  • Dynamic stretching

Main Set

  • Alternating Jumping Lunges - 30 seconds
  • Bodyweight Squats - 30 seconds
  • Planks - 45 seconds
  • Push-ups - 45 seconds
  • 3 minutes rest
  • Repeat 3x 
  • 10 minutes - treadmill @ 15% incline

The last time I completed this workout I totally missed where it said to finish off with a 30 minute run.  

This time I completed one less round than last time but planned on tackling the full 30 minutes. I planned on walking at a sharp incline instead of running to avoid any more soreness in my shins. However, Laura called to tell me that she was on her way home as soon as I started my cardio so that’s why I cut it to 10 minutes. 

All in all it was still a very hard workout that left me limping back home. It is one of those WODs that at first glance doesn’t look like it would exhaust you but then you realize how long 30-45 seconds can be. 

What I was most impressed with was how strong my shoulders felt today. Planks and push-ups put a lot on strain on them but I think mixing in the front raises and doing the band-assisted pull-ups are helping to strengthen them even more. 

That’s a very good thing because I know that the Spartan race in a few weeks is going to put them through misery. 

Tonight we ordered from Munchery to make it easier since Laura is spending tonight cleaning. Tomorrow night will be my turn and I also have to run last-minute errands before we leave on Saturday.