Day 318: Reps of 10

I was able to get 7+ hours of sleep last night even though I did wake up twice during the night. When I first woke up at around 1:00a I thought that it was 6:00a. It always feels like bonus sleep when you think it’s later then it really is. 

Yesterday my meetings were back to back thus giving me the day to focus on other work. Today was a completely different story. 

I had several meetings throughout the day that were all scheduled with small periods of time between them so it was hard to focus on project work.

I wanted to give my legs a break from endurance cardio so I focused on getting my heart-rate up and ensuring that I got in a total body workout with the following workout I programmed: 


  • Dynamic Stretching
  • 10 - Star Jumps
  • 25 - High Knees

Main Set:

  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 alternating bicep curls
  • 10 alternating front raises
  • 10 bodyweight air squats
  • 10 box jumps
  • 10 flutter kicks
  • 1 minute jump rope (maximal speed possible)
  • 1 minute rest

Repeat 3x 

Cool Down

It took me around 35 minutes to accomplish the entire workout including warm-up and cool down. I know that I could accomplish it faster but I was fighting through soreness and a lack of energy. 

When I came home I took time to roll out my calves using my Trigger Point GRID. My calves were tight and causing pain to travel around to my shins so I wanted to free up some of the junk in them.  

Going through mobilization work is always painful but helps the body to recover exponentially faster. I have it on my to-do list to accomplish daily but rarely do I get through it.  

When we get home from vacation I have to work on ensuring that it becomes part of my post-workout routine.