Day 316: Another Sunday, Another Walk

Last night I was able to sleep for 8.5 hours which is a hard feat to accomplish given how crazy Sasha and Darren are in the mornings.

Laura and I spent a bit of time relaxing before running a couple errands in preparation for vacation next week.

When we came back home we headed out for our usual 3.7 mile walk through Communications Hill.

I enjoy getting out for our walks on Sundays because not only is it time that we get to spend together but it is also a chance to stay active on my rest day.

I plan on working out every day this week, including Thursday (my usual rest day), since I will be taking the week off while in Cabo. It will be a good chance to allow my minor injuries to heal and my body to cycle off of my supplements.

We spent the rest of the day binge-watching the 4th season of Suits. It’s one of our favorite TV shows and we had only seen the first couple of episodes.

Tonight we had healthy chipotle chicken burritos, sautéed summer squash and margaritas using tequila that can only be purchased in Mexico. 

We bought it last year when we were in Cabo and it was the first time that we had used it. It was fun to finally break out the bottle in anticipation of being there on Saturday.

This week brings several meetings, trying to tie up projects before vacation and heading to UCSF on Friday for another MRI, a visit with our neuro-oncologist and getting blood work done.

I was able to work with our neuro-oncology team to bookend our vacation with the blood tests so that, pending any issues, I can start the next round of chemo the week that we come back.