Day 313: Crushing a Workout on a Rest Day

With only 9 days before we head down to Cabo for a week I was finally able to see what Saturday’s forecast will be when we land in Mexico. As expected, it will be 91 degrees, hot and cloudless.

On my drive in to work today I enjoyed listening to the latest episode of Tim Ferriss’ podcast which was an interview with former White House chef Sam Kass

The interview focused on healthy eating, simple cooking tips, nutrition, organic food and many other very interesting topics. 

Similar to the Spartan Up! podcast, I love that Tim Ferriss’ goal is to tease out what makes world-class performers tick - their tips, tricks, hacks, favorite books, morning routines, etc.

Though I have a few meetings tomorrow, today was my final day this week of an insane back-to-back schedule. 

Some people shake their heads when they hear how many meetings I participate in on an average week but it is something that I’m used to. I typically refer to it as developing meeting stamina. 

Thursdays are usually both my rest day from working out and a date night out for us. But, since I was stuck at the office later than usual on Monday and we went out for dinner that night, I hit the gym when I got home. 

There was no WOD posted on the Spartan website, so I modified a workout from last week, completing the following workout: 


  • Dynamic Stretching
  • 10 Double Leg Butt Kicks
  • 10 Isometric Wipers

Main Set

  • 10 minutes - elliptical
  • 10 reps - bicep curls
  • 10 reps - dumbbell shoulder press
  • 10 reps - sit-ups (12 lb medicine ball)
  • 10 minutes - elliptical
  • 15 reps - bicep curls
  • 15 reps - dumbbell shoulder press
  • 15 reps - sit-ups (12 lb medicine ball)
  • 10 minutes - elliptical
  • 20 reps - bicep curls
  • 20 reps - dumbbell shoulder press
  • 20 reps - sit-ups (12 lb medicine ball)


For almost the entire workout the gym was between 85-90 degrees until a couple other people showed up and turned on the central air.  

Though it is a struggle to workout in that heat I am hoping that it pays off when it comes to running the Spartan Sprint at AT&T Park in just around 4 weeks. 

Instead of going out for a date night tonight we decided to stay in and eat healthy, saving a dinner out until maybe tomorrow night. 

I’m looking forward to using part of tomorrow to catch up on my inbox and organize all of my to-dos from this very busy week, especially since I only have next week before taking off on vacation.