Day 312: Start by Making the Bed

While driving into work this morning, as usual, I listened to a couple of podcasts. One of them was an episode of the Spartan Up! podcast  This episode was an interview between Joe De Sena and current Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo. 

During the interview, which I highly recommend that you watch/listen to, they talk about the best way to move forward is to start with just making your bed then just getting dressed, etc.  

It is something that Joe refers to often throughout other podcast episodes and something that resonates with me. 

Many people comment that they couldn’t go through what I’ve gone through over the last 10 months.  

I always respond that it is my firm belief that anyone could overcome the same or worse. All it takes is tackling each hurdle one step at a time. There were times when it took all of my willpower to get through 15 minutes of pain but I still did - I knew there was an end in sight.  

As the journey continues, I continue to stay focused on breaking it down into digestible bites similar to just making the bed then getting dressed.  

It is how I believe every situation should be approached whether it is trying to change your habits, becoming healthier, overcoming a tragedy or fighting through a serious medical issue/injury. 

Once I got to the office it was another crazy day of meetings. As I mentioned yesterday, it isn’t showing any signs of letting up until Friday. 

When I came home I went over to the gym for today’s workout. I decided to modify it by doing all 4 sets of the strength round and not doing the 30 minutes of cardio that was originally stipulated. 


  • 2 minutes jump rope
  • 10 alternating medicine ball push-ups

Main Set

  • Alternating Jumping Lunges - 30 seconds
  • Bodyweight Squats - 30 seconds
  • Planks - 45 seconds
  • Push-ups - 45 seconds
  • 3 minutes rest

Repeat 4x 


By the end of the workout I couldn’t feel most of my body and sat on a bench for 5 minutes or so before starting my cool-down and stretching routine. It was MUCH harder than it looks. 

With basketball over we’re looking forward to watching the Season 3 finale of “Orange is the New Black” since we binge-watched  most of it over the weekend.