Day 310: Searching for a Parking Space for 1.5 Hours

This morning started off with an early conference call while I was driving into the office. I usually try to use my drive into the office to listen to a podcast or two while using my drive home to listen to music. But, today I had to have an early call to accommodate several schedules.

The day became a blur of back-to-back meetings with only a small break for lunch and to work on packing up my office. We’re moving into the 2nd office building on our campus on Friday so need to have everything packed up by then. 

I had a meeting run late so I didn’t get a chance to leave until 5:15p thus meaning that I hit rush-hour traffic the entire way home.  

When I’m not able to leave by 4p it usually means that I won’t get home in time to workout and that was exactly the case today. 

Though this makes the third Monday in a row that I have missed my workout, I am planning on working out this Thursday instead of taking it as a rest day so that I can still get in all 5 workouts. 

It took me nearly an hour to get home and then I had the joy of trying to find a parking spot for over 1.5 hours.  

We have an assigned parking spot and another parking spot that’s on a first-come basis. When I get home by 5p or so I don’t usually have an issue finding open parking but tonight was absurd. 

Finally, out of frustration I called Laura and told her to meet me downstairs so that we could go out for a drink. Of course, as luck would have it, just as we were pulling out a spot opened up. I took the spot but decided that I was still so frustrated that we went out for beer and wings anyway. 

While I planned on working out and eating a healthy dinner tonight, going out for a drink with Laura helped to relieve the stress of the previous 2.5 hours of driving home and searching for a parking spot.  

It’s probably also good to give my legs another day to rest since they were still really sore from Saturday’s workout.