Day 309: A Morning Starting with Fatigue

Sasha and Darren decided to follow up yesterday’s 6:30a wake-up by getting me up at 6:10a this morning. 

After taking care of them I sat down to do some reading and catch up online when I suddenly was overcome with another wave of fatigue similar to what I felt on Friday. 

I ended up falling back asleep for 30 minutes before finally waking up for the day, even though I remained exhausted for the majority of the day. 

During the second round I was overwhelmed with fatigue on Friday (day 5) and Sunday (day 7).  

Last round I didn’t feel the fatigue, or didn’t realize that I did because of how intense my focus on executing our Synergy strategy was. 

There are things such as when the fatigue hits that are starting to become routine aspects of the chemo regimen. I don’t normally feel completely better until around day 8-10. 

While Laura slept I took time to work out the soreness in my calves, shins and feet after all of the running from yesterday. Thankfully there was a recent MobilityWOD video that I was able to use for a few mobilizations. 

We dropped Sasha off to get groomed today, which is something we try doing once every 4-6 months or so, and then ran the rest of our errands. 

After having lunch we headed out for the same 3.67 mile walk that we typically like to do that includes a steep incline and decline.  

Though my legs, feet and hips were sore, the active recovery helped. It also helped to shift my focus from some stomach pain that I was feeling as a side effect of the chemo. 

We came back home to watch a couple episodes of “Orange is the New Black” before watching an incredible Warriors vs Cavaliers game. 

Tonight for dinner we enjoyed pesto zoodles with chicken and scalded grape tomatoes - one of my favorite dishes. 

Tomorrow is going to be an insane day of back-to-back meetings starting at 7:30a and ending at 4:00p with only a couple of breaks throughout the day.