Day 306: Waking Up with Stomach Aches

I woke up in the middle of the night with one of the worse stomach aches that I’ve had during chemo. 

It only took me a few minutes to fall back asleep but it didn’t feel great for the time that I was awake. 

The only other time I felt that bad was when I was coming home from the gym one evening. That time I think I had just pushed my body too hard. 

Today was a much busier day than the other days this week with 5 meetings on the schedule along with dealing with fires and making progress on key projects. 

I again gave my knee the day to heal by taking the elevator and not using my standing desk.  

I’m hoping that by tomorrow I can get back to the full Spartan WODs. My upper body was sore from the workout I put together last night so that made me happy. 

Through it all, my body felt strong and I wasn’t fatigued until I got home from work. It helped that today was my day off from working out so I was able to just take some time to sit on the couch to give my body time to recover. 

Tonight we ordered pizza and watched the Warriors tie the NBA Finals at 2-2. I couldn’t enjoy a beer with the pizza since I’m not allowed to drink alcohol while I’m on chemo but it was still a lot of fun. 

As I type tonight’s update, I am feeling much more tired than I usually do around this time. I’m guessing that’s thanks to the side effects from the chemo.