Day 304: The Second Night of Chemo

I was able to sleep through the night with only waking up once. When I woke up both overnight and this morning I felt pretty good. 

I had to sit on the edge of the bed for a second to take a deep breath before finally getting the day started. 

I was running a bit slower than usual while getting ready due to the minor fatigue but I was able to still get out of the house relatively on time. Yes, I decided to go into the office today against all advice, as usual. 

I keep my calendar mostly blocked off during the week on chemo so that I can pace myself appropriately. Therefore, I only had 2 meetings today and was able to spend the rest of the day focused on projects. 

My next MRI and follow-up with our neuro-oncologist was shifted from the Monday before we go on vacation to the Friday right before. The nursing team wanted a few extra days between the MRIs. 

I called our health insurance company to clear up the ongoing questions we’ve had with meeting our deductibles for this year and what that translates to how much we have to pay. After today’s conversation I think we finally have it all resolved. 

When I came home I went over to the gym so that I could get my workout in. The WOD for today was: 


Main set

30-minute trail run, every 10 minutes find a rock or log and lift it for 10 reps each of arm curls, shoulder presses, and squats. Add 5 reps each time so that the last set is 20 reps each.

Since there isn’t a trail close by I chose to use the elliptical, like I usually do, and various weights for the lifting exercises.

During the second round I tweaked my bad right knee somehow so I wasn’t able to complete the third round on the elliptical or the squats. I did still complete the curls and shoulder presses, though.

I tried stretching out my legs a bit during my cool down but I’m still feeling pain in my knee. I’m hoping with my post-workout drink, my protein drink and then some rest that by tomorrow evening I’ll be able to go full-speed with my workout.

I just took my anti-nausea medication and am now 40 minutes or so from taking my next dose of chemo. 

I’m hoping that tomorrow is another good day and that I can continue pushing through this round like I have the previous rounds.