Day 303: Starting My Fourth Round of Chemo

When I first got into the office I received a notification that my blood test results had been posted for me to review. 

Based on everything I could tell, it looked like my levels were in range with the exception of my white blood count and couple other levels. 

Today was a light meeting day with a couple of meetings mid-morning and another mid-afternoon.

By the early afternoon I received an email from our neuro-oncology nursing staff that I had the green light to start chemo tonight. 

My work day came to an odd end with a power surge at the office that killed the power. After the power tried switching back on a couple of times we got word that we had to evacuate due to problems on a different floor. It didn’t appear to be anything serious but they still sent the fire department as a precaution. 

I guess that’s what happens when it’s in the upper 90s for the majority of the day. 

For the second Monday in a row I had a dinner meeting. This week I grabbed dinner with a couple of friends, Christopher PennChel Wolverton and a colleague of theirs, who also just happen to lead our team at SHIFT

I wasn’t able to work out tonight due to my dinner meeting. Though I hate to miss workouts, my shins and my left shoulder have been a bit tweaked the last few days so it was good to give my body an extra day to heal up. 

As I finish publishing this update I will be taking my anti-nausea medication followed by starting the fourth round of chemo an hour later. 

Unless something happens overnight I plan on going into my office tomorrow and then working out when I come home. 

Every time I tell people that I continue going into my office and working out during my rounds of chemo they usually shake their heads and ask how I am able to do it. 

Well, I am fortunate that my body handles the side effects well but I am also determined that chemo isn’t going to take me down. 

When this round wraps up it will put us 1/3 of the way through with chemo. Slowly, but surely, we are making our way through chemo.