Day 302: A Chilled Out Sunday

After a fun day yesterday, it was nice to sleep in for a little while this morning. I was able to get 8.25 hours of sleep after several days of getting under 7 hours.

With the day off from working out, I was able to just chill out and watch the French Open until Laura woke up. 

We started our morning out with tackling our monthly trip to Costco. It feels like Fight Club when trying to park there, even 30 minutes after they open on a Sunday. 

It was a hot day out so we decided to spend the day relaxing at home, continuing to catch up on Entourage and then watching the NBA Finals. 

While Laura cooked dinner I took time to start working through my weekly review. In between watching the NBA Finals and having dinner, I wasn’t able to finish my review but it won’t be hard to finish tomorrow morning. 

This week will settle back in to a “normal” week with no travel or multi-hour, multi-day meetings. With chemo scheduled (at this point) to start tomorrow night, I am happy that I have a lighter meeting schedule this week. 

Though our neuro-onoclogy team typically hears back the same day as having the blood work drawn, they still didn’t receive Friday’s results so I won’t know until tomorrow if I will be able to start tomorrow night. 

Throughout the day my left shoulder has been sore and acting cranky even though I have tried to stretch it multiple times. It’s nothing that has me worried and I’m sure that it will feel better in the next day or so.